Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A Cure For Autism

It may sound a bit absurd
This info that you’ve never heard
All comes down to just one word:

For this child, you had dreamed
In your eyes, his future gleamed
Who cares if he’s not mainstreamed?

Embrace each and every shortcoming
Even with repetition numbing
Even if he wreaks havoc with your plumbing

Be a bright light full of praise
Especially on the darkest days
Despite knowing it’s not just a phase

If you can’t acknowledge his worth
You’re just taking up space on earth
Have you been without flaws since birth?

Be his loud and biggest supporter
Be the pestle to his mortar
Don’t give his doubters any quarter

Don’t hide the fact of his condition
Speaking up is your major mission
Make it a new family tradition

Your patience daily you learn to ration
Some days your chips you want to cash in
Remember these kids teach us compassion

Write the future not in ink but chalk
At science breakthroughs do not balk
But until we find our Jonas Salk

Swimming with dolphins is a lure
Or some soy-based diet, sure,
Do your best but don’t obscure
Acceptance now is the only cure.