Friday, December 21, 2012

Disorders & Deities

In late 2013, London-based Eyewear Publishing
will publish The Poet’s Search For God. This poem
will be included in that collection.

*                  *                  *

Disorders & Deities                                                                                       

by Tony Peyser

My autistic son who often
Is at a loss himself
Paused while taking a bath
And seemed to cross himself.

Did I misinterpret that
Hand gesture a smidgen
Or has Jeremy somehow found
A way to get religion?

His access to godlike things
Would have certain gaps.
My wife & I don’t attend services
And are devoutly lapsed.

But maybe some bit of belief
Sang to Jeremy like wishes
Perhaps the prestidigitation
Of those loaves into fishes.

The sight of an actual crucifix
Might be a bit too real for him:
He doesn’t drink wine but communion
Wafers might appeal to him.

Maybe this is something I imagined
Maybe it’s a serious phase
Or just proof that autism & the Lord
Work in mysterious ways.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

MLK Memorial Inscription In DC Will Be Removed

“I was a drum major for justice, peace & righteousness”
Was a line of King’s that deviated
From the actual thing that he said. Critic have complained
It was paraphrased & abbreviated.

It’ll cost 900 grand to fix this --- without my having to do
Even a small amount of reportage
It appears when it comes to monuments that we’re facing
A severe fact-checker shortage.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bob Hope’s Garage Sale

His old place in Toluca Lake was packed
And filled with all kinds of folks.
I bought an unused Bing Crosby one-liner
And three Joey Heatherton jokes.

Before Pacquiao Fight, Mitt Met The Boxer And Said, “Hi Manny, I Ran For President And Lost”

Gov. Romney, I’m passing along some thoughts
With a rather simple goal so that
You won’t make that mistake again: There isn’t
Anyone who doesn’t know that.

Should you meet Mr. Pacquiao a second time
(Which I bet would be nice)
I know it sounds odd & uncanny but trust me:
“Hi Manny” will suffice.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Nietzsche Rocks!

The famous “What doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger” quote
Countless young music fans can now
Easily recite by rote.

But most of them are unaware
Friedrich Nietzsche said it
And they would insist a pop
Music queen get the credit.

The line Nietzsche borrowed from Goethe
Was a catchy hook that was vital
On a memorable track for Kelly Clarkson:
The first “American Idol.”

“Stronger” (What Doesn’t Kill You)”
Is a feel-good upbeat blitz ---
The Grammy-nominated song has more
Than 60 million YouTube hits.

Nietzsche was a serious philosopher and
You don’t need much know-how
To guess he’d be humiliated to be linked
With something so lowbrow.

In related news, it’s perhaps appropriate here
To point out it’s not just a rumor
That History (as some have long discussed)
Appears to have a sense of humor.

Songs this successful are often dumbed down
And sweeter than boxes of Pop-Tarts:
Fred, God’s not dead as you said. You are. But:
High five! You topped the pop charts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Facing The Fiscal Cliff, Republicans Keep Saying No New Taxes For The Most Wealthy

Yeah, they still control the House but lost seats:
The other helpful tenet
Is that they had a shot in the other chamber but
Yet again lost the Senate.

Their plan? Make demands, act like winners and
Hope no one will notice
They’re really just whiners and Mitt Romney was
Not elected POTUS.

They’re so blind, they need canes & guide dogs.
They’re endlessly didactic:
Denial has become their way of life --- it wasn’t
Merely a campaign tactic.