Thursday, August 23, 2012

Possible New Direction For Romney Regarding Transparency

Mitt needs to do a TV spot that says,
America, I have a lot of pride
But, if asked, I will also admit that
I have a great deal to hide.

Like nasty business practices at Bain.
(The complaining never ends!)
And using the Utah Olympics to enrich
My already very rich friends.

I mention “faith” (not that I’m a Mormon)
And even though pressure mounts
I won’t release more tax returns or discuss
My Swiss and Cayman accounts.

But don’t you have some secrets, too,
Dark ones that are so
Awful that you don’t want anyone to
Ever ... ever know?

Of course you do --- you’re just like me!
Want more truth? I’ll leak it:
You can’t trust a guy running for president
If he can’t keep a secret.

So, forget Obama and just vote for me
Show people how you care, but
Don’t forget Honesty is just a sissy I’d
Like to attack and give a haircut."

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