Thursday, August 16, 2012

It’s Time For Mitt To Double Down

“I’m not ever EVER releasing my taxes!”
OK, fine, we get it.
But I just want to be supremely sure you
Don’t ever forget it

Is the right time right now to up the ante
In all fifty states
And defiantly declare that you also won’t
Do any debates.

And why should you? Obama’s too good!
You’ve got the perfect defense, too ---
Why give Barack a chance to hear you say
Something stupid & use it against you?

And don’t let your VP pick debate either.
C’mon, you really don’t want to see
Paul go nuts when Biden teases him with,
“Ryan & Ayn Rand sitting in a tree …”

Man up! This is your moment! Your Alamo!
It’ll wind up in Mormon scripture!
(I know --- the Alamo guys got slaughtered
But just think of the big picture.)

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