Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ed Ruscha

New York had Warhol
Toss him a bouquet
But Los Angeles has
The artist Ed Ruscha.

His cool word paintings
Are sly, often jokey
(Ruscha, by the way, is
A bona fide Okie.)

“Art is something that
Makes you scratch your head”
Is something that Ruscha
Once memorably said.

Ruscha’s very first books? They
Were all DIY
Most bookstores didn’t want ‘em
Which is why

Ed asked a guy named Joe
To please give ‘em a look
And maybe put them on
Shelves of the Book Nook:

Joe’s teensy bookstore, just
A tiny part
Of Brentwood’s Brentwood
Country Mart.

Joe said okay and soon his
Customers did see
These most curious art books
Practically for free.

This guy who I knew way way
Back in the day
Bought every Ruscha book there
But gave ‘em away

To friends as hip gifts, totally lacking
The rationale to
Realize these would wind up as things
Of great value.

Good guess: I was that guy and this poor
Judgment broke my heart.
However, it later made me regard myself
As a work of Art.

What a dope! What was I thinking? I often
Want to yell. Still
If that doesn’t make you scratch your head,
What the hell will?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Headline In The Guardian: “Christie cleared again of involvement in New Jersey ‘Bridgegate’ scandal”

This decision was recently reached by what
One could characterize as acres
Of people who are known to the public as
New Jersey state lawmakers.

Good for Chris! It’ll all clear sailing now ---
No one should be in any way hesitant
To immediately stop calling him “Governor”
And start calling him “Mr. President.”

Goodbye, Garden State! Hello, Washington D.C.!
Hold on --- I don’t really want to hit a dissonant
Note, but I just saw the story’s last line: “The US
Attorney’s office is still investigating the incident.”

Gee, that takes all of the fun out of that headline
And makes me a bit wary --- it
Seems like accidentally putting the lead in a hole,
If not actually deciding to bury it.…/chris-christie-cleared-again-n…


Bill Cosby’s Shocking New Accuser: Dr. Cliff Huxtable

The fictional obstetrician on "The Cosby Show"
In 1988 was on quite a roll
When he met Cosby one night at a jazz festival
At the Hollywood Bowl.

"Bill invited me to the Playboy Mansion and
He was very polite, not frisky,
As he suggested I drink a glass of what he
Said was 75-year-old whiskey.”

I woke up disoriented & naked hours later
And wasn’t feeling any better
When I saw Mr. Cosby wearing nothing but
My ugly, multi-colored sweater.

Cosby said I’d had too much to drink ---
What he did next gave me a chill:
He walked near the bed I was in, winked
And gave me a $100 dollar bill.”

Dr. Huxtable wiped away a tear & admitted,
“I’m lucky to still be alive.
I had a thriving practice then. $100? Really?
I was worth at least 5.”…/uploads/2013/08/cosby-sweater_o…


Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Take Back Every Bad Thing I’ve Written About Cosby

(That is, however, if I get Bill 
To agree
To give me an honorary

He literally gave one to singer Jill Scott in May
Which anyone with a brain may feel
Is the reason she’s spoken up on Twitter about
How Bill has lately gotten a raw deal.

The bottom line is I’m willing to help Bill
During his bitter current adversity
But only with a signed contract promising
A degree from Temple University.)…/jill_scott_receives_honorary_docto…


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Sexual Abuse Allegation About Cosby Involves A 15-Year-Old Girl In 1974

I’m quite dumbfounded but not by this claim.
My incredulity simply is this:
How did Bill find time away from forced sex
For a career in show business?

Why Cosby Had To Step Down From Temple University Board

One victim was from that school
Where Mr. Cosby was a trustee.
It reminds us of that children’s
Charity run by Jerry Sandusky.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

“Rookie Black Cop Who Repeatedly Shot Wealthy Unarmed White Teen Won’t Face Charges”

Change is needed in America but the speed
At which it moves is often glacial.
The day that headline is real --- not fake ---
Will mean our society’s post-racial.