Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trailer For The Movie-Connected Mass Shooting

Last Monday, longtime film writer Marshall Fine
Was the first critic who
Had posted on Rotten Tomatoes a rather negative
“Dark Knight Rises” review.

The response was both nasty & rapid:
The film geeks’ collective cry
Was so incensed that many expressed
The view that Fine must die.

This kind of insane behavior unquestionably
Merits a long look:
At least the Salman Rushdie fatwa involved
An entire book.

A death threat over a movie review?
This is now how bad it can get
With mouth-breathing knuckleheads
Typing amok on the internet.

Online anonymity can easily unleash those
Who may feel even a slight snub
To get in touch with their inner Tyler Durden
And act as if they’re in “Fight Club.”

Did these rants cause the Colorado attack?
No --- but they sure don’t help.
If you can’t be civil, stay off such sites and
Resume (or start) whining on Yelp.

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