Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Former NH Governor Calls Obama Un-American, Is Then Ordered By Team Romney To Apologize

John Sununu
Came out with a lulu
Ranting Barack’s from Honolulu
And made it sound like he was a Zulu.

Calling the POTUS un-American
Is a bit unwise if you peek
At Sununu’s ancestry which happens
To be Palestinian & Greek.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that
But unlike being born in, oh, Indiana
Is the fact that Mr. Sununu came into this
World in --- wait for it --- Havana.

That city is, let’s not forget, in Cuba
Where commies are known to dwell:
Given where he was born, how do we
Know he wasn’t loyal to ... Fidel?

He lost his Chief of Staff gig with 41
Due to a wide variety of abuse
Of his position like using official aircraft
For his own private use.

The part of this scandal that created
A host of yells and hollers
Was his personal plane tab wound up
At over $600,000.

Buh-bye, it’s been swell, see-ya!
The fact is more than a few knew
There aren’t many total yahoos
As loony and swoony as Sununu.

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