Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lawmaker Steve LaTourette Is Retiring

In 2003, this Ohio Republican had
An unforgettable fling
With an underling whose name had
A most memorable ring.

I wonder if this LaTourette
Chap took
A special delight in hiring Jennifer

With a name like that, LaTourette
Couldn’t resist
This former aide who had become
A lobbyist.

How long did Mister LaTourette have to wait
To get a chance
For Laptook to put down her laptop & hop up
For a lap dance?

(People, I swear sometimes
The poetry elves
Intervene & these poems just
Write themselves.)

Like fellow philanderer Speaker Gingrich who
Often heard lots of boos & hisses
LaTourette hoped to put this behind him when
He made his mistress his next Mrs.

And like Republicans with wandering eyes
Whose behavior is contradictable
He wanted Bill impeached due to Monica ---
These guys are so predictable.


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