Monday, April 9, 2012

Maybe The Dumbest Thing Republicans Ever Did

They're known as the party that hasn't
Been a friend to Blacks.
For years --- no, decades --- they have
Heard all of these attacks.

All they had to do with Trayvon Martin
Was be gentlemen & step aside
And say, "This is tragic and it's a matter
For our legal system to decide."

That way to millions of Black voters
Their message would be direct
To show regarding this murdered boy
That they had some respect.

Even if they didn't mean it, this still was
The right direction; we're
(When I last looked) in the middle of
A Presidential election year

In which the incumbent (where I'm
Going with this isn't a mystery)
Is the first Black President in our
Entire nation's long history.

But, of course, they didn't do this & their
Pundits say, "Why should we?
Trayvon was a street thug like Obama ---
Just a Black punk in a hoodie."

If their main 2012 goal was beating Barack
They should be prepared to squirm
As Blacks livid at their treatment of Trayvon
Will give Obama a second term.

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