Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In Honor Of The 100-Year Anniversary Of A Certain Ship’s Demise

Yes, it was stunning and epic
But aside from the Titanic
Another failure comes to mind
On a scale rather gigantic.

This one was on dry land --- not
Out on the raging sea
And has to do with the sinking of
The good ship KCET.

It boldly sailed away from PBS
And now the station is faced
Without the key shows on which
Its whole reputation is based.

It’s like going to a Broadway play
With a spouse or best buddy
Only to be told every role is being
Played by an understudy.

Al Jerome is the misguided captain
Many are now unsure with him
In charge. Even Gilligan wouldn’t
Go on a three-hour tour with him.

I can’t imagine who’s on Jerome’s side:
Maybe loyal liberal codgers?
He’s done damage like Frank McCourt
Caused to the L.A. Dodgers.

Speaking of McCourt, I do secretly hope
He and Jerome could nurse
Wounds together and team up with their
Midas touch in reverse.

If they could manage to buy al-Qaeda
I’m sure they could finesse
Terrorism going belly up and bankrupt
In eighteen months or less.

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