Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remembering The L.A. Riots 20 Years Later

In our duplex down from Melrose, my
Wife and I knew this was no joke:
The air was full of anxiety, helicopters,
Sirens and plumes of smoke.

We felt that maybe we might still be safe
From all of those torrents
Of rage and resentment that exploded at
Normandie and Florence.

Then someone suddenly climbed over
Our backyard's wall ---
We thought this was it and soon even the
Sky would begin to fall.

The intruder didn't enter our yard: on the
Top of the wall he stood
Gazing all around at our pleasant but now
Besieged neighborhood.

This guy living behind us who we'd never met said
That he climbed up hoping it
Had a better view of the chaos. "Did I scare you?"
No, we both lied, not a bit.

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