Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Little Backstory On Ken Calvert, The California Lawmaker Behind The Recent GOP Attempt To Save The Confederate Flag

Once in a car in his Golden State district
A hooker had her head in Calvert’s lap.
He told a cop they were “just talking.”
(I would’ve said she was taking a nap.)

That same year, 1993, he was divorced
And accused of alimony he did not pay
And right at that particular point in time
Calvert had an amazing thing to say.

He noted that all of these various events
That had been happening to him lately
Had “helped him become a better person”
And also enabled him “to mature greatly.”

Frequenting hookers & not paying alimony
I bet most sensible people would be loath
To regard as reliable paths to take when
One becomes focused on personal growth.

This sundae isn’t really in need of a cherry but
There is one that I would like to place:
From the House floor, Calvert criticized Clinton
For his affair with Monica Whatsherface.

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