Thursday, December 10, 2015

Getting In Touch With My Inner Trump

Europe has lots of anti-Semites:
To fight them, I will dare cut
All immigration by anyone who
Has a skinhead haircut.

Let’s ban anyone with a shaved head ---
They surely want to kill us.
Bye-bye, Jason Statham, see ya, Denzel,
And adios Bruce Willis.

Old school Nazis had plenty of hair, so
With my magic wand
I want to ban anyone being in the U.S.
Whose hair is blonde.

This will soon result in a rather vast and
Seismic cultural shift:
No more Madonna, no more Kristen Bell,
No more Taylor Swift.

Yeah, I know this makes The Donald
Look like quite a Scrooge
But this development could help him
In ways that are huuuge.

His hair’s blonde, so he’d have to leave
Our great country, too,
Yet there are places abroad that would
Share his point of view.

In certain countries, he would be seen as
An audacious winner:
Expect the expat to soon tell all Germans,
“Ich bin ein Berliner.”

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