Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Word Up! D To The Y To The L To The A To The Double N!

Yo yo! My man! You --- with haste --- swore
That you wanted nothing less than a race war.

Are you just another white trash ignoramus?
Hell, no! In a bright flash, you’re famous!

It sounds like absolute and total bliss to me
What with your now being a part of history.

(The only downside is that some haters will nag
That you pretty much killed the Confederate flag.

I’d bet your Obama-loving jailers block news
That you oughta now be getting from Fox News.

Sorry to say that all of this is as bad as it sounds ---
No more Stars and Bars on SC state house grounds.

Insult to injury, this bold move by Haley, Nikki
Looks like it may even spread over to Mississippi

And even to some other Southern states, too,
And all this pro-Yankee stuff is cause of you.

Yeah, it ain’t right, but who could have guessed so
Much could go so wrong with your little manifesto?

Prison’s gonna be hard ‘cause right out of the gate you
Amazingly found a way to make fellow racists hate you.

Who knows what may explode when you cause sparks?
You’re now kinda like the anti-Confederate Rosa Parks.)

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