Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The When

We're all addicted to something and to
Ourselves will quite often say,
"I'll battle this tomorrow when I have
More strength than I do today."

After years of mulling this over
Often twiddling my thumbs
I've come to the conclusion that
That tomorrow never comes.

Regardless how much we need the next day
To have to skills that are vast, one
Has to suck it up and accept that the truth is
It's pretty much like the last one.

Tomorrow (that sneaky bastard) can't help
And that desired assistance
Is forever doomed --- like the horizon --- to
Remain off in the distance.

But there's an upside to this grim reality
To swat away sweaty fear ---
Your best chance to fight whatever it is
That ails you is already here.

Everything happens today, so feel free
To unpack your sorrow
And accept there's no reason to wait to
Take big steps tomorrow.

Right now as you read this words, you can
(I hereby advise to you)
Stop smoking, overeating, drinking and-or
Whichever applies to you.

Whatever steps you choose to take are yours alone ---
You will figure out what they are and then
Do what's necessary. The Who, Where, What & Why
I can't provide but I can give you The When.

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