Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Thoughts About The Second Debate

I recall playing tennis in high school and knowing
There was just no way to confuse it:
Even though I’d won a watch, the real truth was
My opponent found a way to lose it.

This came to mind watching the Hofstra debate.
The first one? I now knew it
Had been a case where Mitt hadn’t really won
But Obama simply blew it.

This was accentuated then by Mitt’s aggression
But Barack got his might back
In Round 2 when instead of being fair & polite
He knew he had to fight back.

Obama possesses that coveted momentum and
In their upcoming last fight
His opponent will be swinging even more wildly
Than he was doing last night

And as Mitt desperately tries to make contact
His prospects will start to teeter:
He’ll need a knockout sooner than later because
Time’s running out on his meter.

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