Friday, May 25, 2012

Harvard Embarrassed Because Unabomber Had Entry In 50th Reunion Book

You probably saw this odd item which was mentioned
by many news outlets. However, the real story of Ted
Kaczynski often remains as remote as that Montana
shack he lived in for so many years.
What All Schoolchildren Learn                                                                         

by Tony Peyser

“I and the public know
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done
Do evil in return.”

                        --- W.H. Auden
                “September 1, 1939”

His mother thought her young son
might be autistic. It’s clear now he

was at the highest end of this syn-
drome & must’ve had Asperger’s.

While in the fifth grade, his IQ was
determined to be 167. His astonish-

ing intellectual skills were matched
with his profoundly lacking social


            *          *          *

He went off to college at the tender
young age of 16. It should come as

no surprise that he didn’t fit in. It
might come as a surprise that part

of his curriculum --- over a period
of years --- was being subjected to

severe psychological tests while he
was strapped in a chair & connected

to electrodes. This research project
intentionally brutalized his already

fragile sense of self.

            *          *          *

His violent spree went on for over a
decade, a saga of revenge & mayhem.

It’s curious he didn’t target the man
who conducted all those experiments.

That might have induced some sense
of closure or, at least, symmetry.

            *          *          *

Here in the second decade of the 21st
century, we’re all terrified of foreign

evildoers and yet we’re so skilled at
manufacturing our own. Lee Harvey

Oswald, James Earl Ray and Timothy
McVeigh were all in the army. This

benignly named “personality study”
which transformed this unbalanced

teenager into a psychopath took place
at an acclaimed academic institution

(Harvard University) and was sponsor-
ed by the CIA. The man in charge was

Dr. Henry Murray. What he did to this
adolescent was utterly depraved. Yes,

Ted Kaczynski a.k.a. The Unabomber
should remain in prison the rest of his

life but Murray was never punished for
any of his crimes, let alone charged with

anything. Mathematics was Kaczynski’s
best subject. It wasn’t mine. But even I

know that this doesn’t add up.

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