Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Finally, Some Clarity About Charity

Why would rich people wanting to help
Kids with cancer be in the mood
To send money to Eric Trump when they
Could just send it to St. Jude?

Because, it appears, one big motivation
Isn’t only lowering taxes
But when it comes to Eric’s dad having
Some very helpful access.

Yeah, we know the Trumps are sleazy & corrupt
But rather strikingly soon we’re
Going to see this happens with rich guys whose
Sons aren’t Eric and Don Junior.

Bernie Madoff stole billions. This isn’t news:
He’s one of Wall Street’s big thieves
But one way that he pulled his Ponzi off was
By using many charities as fig leaves.

Whenever the wealthy grandly announce all of
The good work that they’re doing
Bet heavy it isn’t all on the up and up and there
Are lots of people they’re screwing.


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