Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Glass Ceiling, Damn It, Remains In Place

I’m still horrified, My dark mood seems
Distinctly unable to lift
But what doesn’t surprise me is how a
Pendulum tends to shift.

Reagan came after Carter and
Clinton came after 41
Dubya came after Clinton, then
Obama’s time had come.

Did Bernie Bros. promise to come on board
And to no longer malign
Hillary or was that lip service and did they
Vote for Johnson or Stein?

Whatever. The only thing that matters now
Is Trump will get cocky (plenty)
And do things to demand the pendulum to
Shift away from him in 2020.

This is an historic moment where so many
People are feeling numb --- there
Is a reason to think of 9-11 but the damage
Isn’t on New York but from there.


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