Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Trump's Supporters Mean When They Say, "He's Just Like Us"

We love Toby Keith but rest assured
We sure don’t like Enya.
We can’t stand uppity Obama: c’mon!
He was born in Kenya.

We triumph over all of our enemies
Wherever we face ‘em ---
These colors don’t run (but coloreds
Do whenever we chase ‘em.)

We’d like to drive over late light comics
With an incredibly fast car.
We are not fans of cop-hating Beyoncé
But we love our NASCAR.

We love America from the vast prairies
To the tall mountain ridges.
We love the idea of building walls but
We hate “building bridges.”

We don’t even like women, especially
Those who have to wear Spanx.
We don’t appreciate it when Muslims
Work as tellers in our banks.

We think Larry the Cable Guy’s hilarious
We love beans --- and even beaners
(But only when they’re getting beat up on
“Cops” or working at our cleaners.)

To make our great nation
Great again
It just needs to be white &
Straight again.


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