Sunday, February 7, 2016

Thoughts About The Most Recent Republican Debate

Rubio picked the worst time to falter.
Donors hope this will stop --- get
A look at all of those photos online
Where you can see his flop sweat.

Christie devoured Rubio like a gallon of
Ice cream from the fridge --- Fate
May be in his corner but there are still
Ongoing problems with Bridge-gate.

Jeb! seemed worthy of his exclamation point
Which was kind of stunning: wait
Would it actually be possible for him to have
His Mom as his VP running mate?

How did the governor of Ohio do? Well, he
Needed a good night. The basic
Consensus is that he had precisely that, so
Don’t put a fork just yet in Kasich.

Cruz was sorry for his Iowa dirty trick but still
Seemed unsympathetic
A most curious stunt to pull off precisely when
You’re being apologetic.

Despite punches from Jeb! Trump remains on top.
This last debate for damn sure
Shows the GOP nomination is still up for grabs ---
Keep your eyes on New Hampshire.


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