Sunday, May 31, 2015

Those Recent Rumors Swirling Around Former Speaker Hastert

It seems that some people (actually, many)
Are actively attempting to deny Denny

His rightful accolades --- he’s beyond reproach.
He wasn’t some touchy-feely wrestling coach.

What? He was? OK … that may generate some fears
But I would bet he only did that for a couple of years.

Really? For around a decade and a half? So
It would appear here that I’m the last to know.

Alright, but there would have been more doubts
If he had been involved with the Boy Scouts.

Not that, too? Oh, jeez. The only thing that could eclipse
All this is if he took Boy Scouts on out of town trips.

I’d bet the ranch he didn’t: c’mon! He did? He fooled everyone.
The only person happy to hear this is the Duggar’s oldest son.

The simple message that I can pass along with impunity?
No one’s more suspicious than “a pillar of the community.”…/…/politics/hastert-indictment.html…

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