Monday, February 23, 2015

Why "Birdman" Won

Even far more than Oscars
On a shelf
What Hollywood loves most
Is itself.

“We’re artists! Creativity
Is what we do!”
Says the producer of “Big
Momma’s House 2.”

“Zero Dark Thirty” was astonishing
But didn’t win big when
Academy members preferred “Argo”
Which was about them.

And yet another Best Picture Oscar
We all know is
What awaited “The Artist” which was
All about show biz.

“Boyhood” deals with family: voters
Must've been annoyed
Since family is what their careers
Help them to avoid.

12 years on one movie? I’d bet
A top hyphenate disparages
Because that time span’s longer
Than his last four marriages.…/birdman-wins-big-two-oscars-bu…


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