Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Fab Four Flashback

On December 31st, TCM aired a beloved Baby Boomer movie: “A
Hard Day’s Night.” I hadn’t seen it in decades and loved it. This time
out, however, I happened to discover something entirely new to me.

Paul’s grandfather was Wilfred Brambell
A “mixer” who easily can
Cause endless trouble. He frequently was
Called “a clean old man.”

To children in the early Sixties
Unconsciously, we did
Conclude no one in the world
Looked older than he did.

But here’s the really weird part
That you may doubt is true:
When Brambell made this movie
He was just fifty-two.

So, even though you’re getting on
In years, please don’t ignore
That you probably don’t look as old
As Brambell did in 1964.…/pictures/2008/08/29/lennon460.jpg


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