Friday, December 5, 2014

Bill Cosby’s Shocking New Accuser: Dr. Cliff Huxtable

The fictional obstetrician on "The Cosby Show"
In 1988 was on quite a roll
When he met Cosby one night at a jazz festival
At the Hollywood Bowl.

"Bill invited me to the Playboy Mansion and
He was very polite, not frisky,
As he suggested I drink a glass of what he
Said was 75-year-old whiskey.”

I woke up disoriented & naked hours later
And wasn’t feeling any better
When I saw Mr. Cosby wearing nothing but
My ugly, multi-colored sweater.

Cosby said I’d had too much to drink ---
What he did next gave me a chill:
He walked near the bed I was in, winked
And gave me a $100 dollar bill.”

Dr. Huxtable wiped away a tear & admitted,
“I’m lucky to still be alive.
I had a thriving practice then. $100? Really?
I was worth at least 5.”…/uploads/2013/08/cosby-sweater_o…


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