Friday, October 31, 2014

Alleged Cop Killer Eric Frein Captured

In earlier times, Frein often engaged in
Something with an odd appellation:
This weekend warrior would participate
In “recreational military simulation.”

His was fond of portraying a Serbian soldier.
In this get-up, he looked tough & calm.
Frein felt he was a real bad-ass. (Point of fact:
He lived at home with his dad & mom.)

To hell with guys who wear Civil War garb.
I feel right about here it’s my duty
To note his being a Serbian soldier was his
Way of being a reenactor foodie.

Too bad he hadn’t fought when caught
And just been blown away ---
Now we’ll have to hear each and every
Warped thought he has to say.

Crackpot survivalist theories will receive
His public endorsement.
Ditto grudges against the Boy Scouts as
Well as law enforcement.

Meanwhile, family, friends and local cops will
All be very patient as they wait
For a death sentence to be carried out to give
Frein his Tim McVeigh play date.


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