Thursday, June 19, 2014

George Will Column Suggests Victims Of Rape On College Campuses Receive “Privileged Status”

George, I think that Down syndrome kids are weird.
Yeah, I know, that may sound outrageous
But why should my child have to be around them?
Maybe their condition is … contagious.

Maybe they’re just faking having special issues
To get government money gratis
And, hold on, perhaps what’s worse than that is
They seek some “privileged status.”


Full disclosure, George, I’m just pulling your leg:
I’m not being the least bit realistic.
I’m aware your son has Down syndrome --- did
I mention that my son is autistic?

So many things you say are hateful and foolish
From your perch with right wing sages ---
Down syndrome & autism aren’t communicable
But, sadly, your ignorance is contagious.

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