Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Some Thoughts From A Parent Of An Autistic Son About Jenny McCarthy

If the mercury in vaccines causes autism,
Let me make this humble submission:
Why didn't all children exposed to mercury
Wind up with this particular condition?

When mercury was removed from vaccines,
What should've opened our eyes
Is rates of autism didn't suddenly decline but
Continued to exponentially rise.

A recent article in Time suggests a more
Logical & likely solution
That autism may very well be connected
To issues of pollution.

Apart from autism, these anti-vaccination views
Have additionally contaminated
General beliefs, so that some diseases are back
That had been long eradicated.

I'm sure Jenny thinks she's helping people
But it's fitting to mention
That her advocacy seems like another way
For her to get attention.

She seized upon her son's illness & used to
To increase her fame --- golly, it's
Pathetic, misguided & dangerous. She's to
Autism what Sarah Palin is to politics.


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