Friday, November 22, 2013

Edwin Walker

This Major General had a colorful life:
Nowadays he'd be a Birther.
His ultra-conservative views then just
Made him a John Bircher.

His politics got Walker reassigned.
The next move for this reptilian
Guy was resigning so he could do
What he wanted as a civilian.

In '62 in news that was broadcast
All across the nation,
He organized Mississippi protests
Against integration.

But this isn't the only reason Walker's famous:
What happens still perplexes
On an April night about a year or so later when
Walker was living in Texas.

Long story short, someone took a shot
Which intended to be hitting
Walker, who at that moment was at a
Desk in his dining room sitting.

But he was lucky: the bullet grazed him
After smashing a window frame.
The gunman's aim eventually improved
And he gained a measure of fame

When seven months later --- let's call it
The month of November ---
He fired some other bullets in Dallas, the
Details of which you may remember.

Our world would have been far better served
In a way that would unequivocally matter
If Oswald's shooting had been more effective
In the former incident instead of the latter.

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