Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why George Zimmerman's Defense Team Should Rot In Hell

Trayvon Martin left this world
With a terrifying scream
The worst that any of us could
Imagine in a bad dream.

This aural evidence alone was
So gripping and so grim
They had to argue, "You know,
That was George. Not him."

The dying cry that unlucky Trayvon
Agonizingly emitted
Became a defense ploy that helped
Get their client acquitted.

How low can lawyers go? Let
That show
When push comes to shove,
That low.


Whenever Zimmerman's defense team
Arrives at heaven's gate
I hope St. Peter says just for a moment
They'll have to wait.

He'll study their resumes and then blurt out,
"What was that crap for?"
Referring to lying about Trayvon's scream
As he opens the trap door.

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