Friday, December 7, 2012

Nietzsche Rocks!

The famous “What doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger” quote
Countless young music fans can now
Easily recite by rote.

But most of them are unaware
Friedrich Nietzsche said it
And they would insist a pop
Music queen get the credit.

The line Nietzsche borrowed from Goethe
Was a catchy hook that was vital
On a memorable track for Kelly Clarkson:
The first “American Idol.”

“Stronger” (What Doesn’t Kill You)”
Is a feel-good upbeat blitz ---
The Grammy-nominated song has more
Than 60 million YouTube hits.

Nietzsche was a serious philosopher and
You don’t need much know-how
To guess he’d be humiliated to be linked
With something so lowbrow.

In related news, it’s perhaps appropriate here
To point out it’s not just a rumor
That History (as some have long discussed)
Appears to have a sense of humor.

Songs this successful are often dumbed down
And sweeter than boxes of Pop-Tarts:
Fred, God’s not dead as you said. You are. But:
High five! You topped the pop charts.

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