Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter Comes Clean About Its Involvement In The Blacklist

If this were going on today, people wouldn’t
Be playing the same games:
Folks would be lining up in order to be the
Very first to name names.

Fights would break out outside hearings:
Many people will have flown
Great distances on their own dime just to
Drop a dime on Oliver Stone.

(Does that seem insensitive, cruel and unfair?
Not really to avoid the ravages
Of having to sit through absolute junk like
Stone’s latest flop, “Savages.”)

The Wachowskis? See ya! Larry-Lana came
Under the spell of a dominatrix:
They get no love from me because I sat through
The third installment of “The Matrix.”

Everyone can happily join in and pile on ---
Hollywood won’t need to lick its
Wounds about blacklisting: so many people
Will show up, they can sell tickets.


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