Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Few Thoughts On Patt Morrison’s Radio Show Being Dropped

Since Patt will soon be shown the KPCC door
Maybe it’s time to reevaluate
Some other things just taking up space here
In the good ol’ Golden State.

Pasadena’s yearly parade is nice, I guess,
If you like roses
But it’s been around for far too long, so in
2013, it closes.

JPL? See ya! Curiosity landed but Mars
Is bleak, empty & quite a far
Place to go and just drive around in a
Rather pricey souped-up car.

The Hollywood Bowl is beloved and I
Really don’t mean to goof on it
But why keep it around when everyone
Would prefer it had a roof on it?

The Capitol Records building was built to look
Like a turntable with more than one record.
But turntables aren’t in fashion. Besides, aren’t
Musicians’ pasts often grim and checkered?

Yes, I know there are positive things to say
About the Griffith Park Observatory
But it’s way too high and hard to get to, so
Let’s dispatch it off to purgatory.

Olvera Street? Adios! I’m sure we can agree
It’s from a long ago era --- is
Anyone (without using Wikipedia) even sure
What the heck an “Olvera” is?

Angels Flight runs too short a distance to
Let it remain: I bet
No one will really miss Sinai & the same
Applies to Olivet.

Walt Disney Concert Hall isn’t old and
Things do look awfully slick there
But lose it anyway because its conductor
Has inappropriately thick hair.

(Speaking of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Instead of Gustavo Dudamel
Dump him and go get that young hunk from
“Transformers,” Josh Duhamel.)

Vin Scully’s been on the air for 63 years?
Take him off KLAC and I mean STAT!
Put him on briefly throughout the day:
Just like KPCC wants to do with Patt.

The Bradbury Building is nice but ancient:
It belongs in Madam Tussauds
Along with The Pantry, LACMA & haven’t
You eaten enough at Musso’s?

The Watts Towers look rickety & were done
Without a professional design
And don’t you think “tagging” whenever you
Look at the Hollywood Sign?

Patt’s a landmark on the SoCal landscape.
Among her many fans, few joke
About her leaving. Actually, none. This is
Going to be KPCC’s New Coke.

Tony Peyser has been a fan of Patt Morrison’s
for the last few decades and appeared on her
show as her poet-in-residence for the last few

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